The Truong Yen Festival takes place on the 1st of the 3rd lunar month, in Hoa Lu, ancient capital of Dai Co Viet which was the first regime of concentrated power in Vietnam, in honour of Dinh and Le Kings. The festival usually lasts three days.
The Truong Yen Festival starts with the water procession, which leaves from the Dinh King’s Temple, with colorful flags, the royal chair, and a jar of holy water, to go to the Hoang Long River to take some water, and finally return to the Temple. Worshipping ceremonies are held during the night in both Dinh King and Le King Temples. Then, visitors can burn joss sticks and visit ancient architectural structures. Several games are traditionally played during the festival; for example, Lau flag is a game that consists of performing the same maneuvers young hero Dinh Bo Linh accomplished during his childhood.
Going to Truong Yen gives one a chance to visit an ancient dynastic capital and also the opportunity to see traditional architectural structures.

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