The Dong Da Hill Festival (Dong Da District – Hanoi) is an annual event held on the 5th Lunar Tet Holiday. This festival celebrates the triumphant historical victory against the invaders of the Vietnamese nation lead by King Quang Trung (Nguyen Hue), a Tay Son farmer who later became a hero.
Two centuries ago (around 1789), Dong Da was the battlefield where more than 200,000 soldiers were killed. Dong Da Hill became a glorious historical site of the Vietnamese nation. In the early morning of the 5th day of the Tet Holiday, a procession for the deity of celebration commences from Khuong Thuong to Dong Da Hill. The procession includes a forestry of lags, a processional parasol, palankeens with a variety of colors, and the sounds of gongs and drums.

The procession moves slowly with the characteristic of a triumphant victory.The most special part of the procession is the fire dragon which is decorated with straw, cataphyll, and coarse paper. A group of youth, dressed in martial suits, then goes around and performs a piece that recounts the whole period of the war.
The “Thang Long Fire Dragon” has become a symbol of victory for the Vietnamese nation. When the procession comes to Dong Da Hill, there is a ceremony after which someone reads the story of the victory of Ky Dau that praises the military genius of the national hero, Quang Trung.There are also various games to play and competitions that challenge the skills and intelligence of participants on the wide field in front of hill.

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