The Perfume Pagoda (Huong Pagoda) and the Huong Tich Cave is a famous scenic spot of Vietnam. It is located in Huong Son Commune, My One District, Ha Tay province, 70 km away from Hanoi.
The Perfume Pagoda consists of a group of caves and is an impressive architectural ensemble of both human and natural endeavor.
The Perfume Pagoda Festival lasts from the 6th day of the 1st month to the end of the 3rd month of the lunar calendar. Visitors can get there either by the inland road that goes through the Hanoi – Ha Dong – Van Dinh – Huong Son route, or by water from Phu Ly Township along the river to Duc Port in Yen Vi. The Vietnamese believe that Huong Son is Buddha’s Heaven.

            Huong Son is considered the place to worship Brodhisattva Kwan Yin. The festival is open on the 6th day of the 1st month of the lunar calendar. People conduct a dragon dance in the yard of Trinh Pagoda, and sail the royal barge. The festival is held in three places,Huong Tich, Tuyet Son, and Long Van. The festival is most crowded from the 15th – 20th day of the 2nd month of the lunar calendar as this period marks the the main festival. The mountainous path leading from Ngoai Pagoda to Trong Pagoda is full of visitors coming up and down.
A pilgrimage to the Perfume Pagoda can not only be for religious reasons, but to see the numerous natural shapes that are typical of the landscape and the buildings that are valuable artifacts of the nation.

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