This festival occurs for three days from the 10th – 12th of the third month lunar in Chu Dong Tu Temple in Du Hoa Village, Chau Giang District, Hung Yen province, some 20 km from Hanoi.
Saint Chu Dong Tu was one of the “four immortal heroes” at the centre of Vietnamese society. A cultural hero and the founder of agriculture as he had conquered the marsh, and developed agriculture and trade.
After the opening ceremony, to remind people of the legend, life, and work of Saint Chu Dong Tu and his two wives, there is a procession.

Travelling ahead of the procession are two splendid golden dragons, controlled by 10 men, dancing gently with the rhythms of the drums. The procession includes a team of musicians, the Saint’s chair, and couple of jars. The procession moves with about ten sailing boats to the center of the river to take water in the jars and then moves back to the temple for a statue washing ceremony.
After the main ceremony, there are different types of activities conducted such as wrestling, fighting with sticks, Chinese chess games, lion dances,and other events.

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